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HAQQ Rebar has the diligence, knowledge and experience to tackle some of the construction industry's biggest detailing challenges. With excellence in both rebar shop drawings and engineering of shoring drawings, HAQQ is a perfect partner for any detailing needs.

Arkansas Rebar Inc.

Kamil is very knowledgeable, and does great work. His drawings are easy to read and understand. He is a dependable rebar detailer, and able to detail the most complex reinforcing packages. He is easy to communicate with, and is able to meet submittal schedules. We are happy with the relationship we have, and look forward to continuing to work together.

Frank Labriola

We have been using Haqq for years now and the service he provides is unbeatable. Pricing is competitive but the accuracy and speed of service are what keeps us coming back. We have used many similar services like this for our reinforcing steel and concrete but turnaround is too far out. If there is a change or correction we could finish the project before we get a revised shop drawing returned for re-submission. Haqq has all our work going forward. Thank You Kamil.

Gene Gierek

Haqq Rebar fulfills all of our requirements in a timely manner. Estimates are comprehension and precise. Shop drawings are accurate as well as visually “understandable”. I would recommend their services to anyone in this industry!

Many Ramos

Haqq Rebar Shop Drawing Service was very reliable, dependable, And shop drawings accurate and professional.

Michael Sareyani

While building a seven story structure in Manhattan, we were dealing with an engineer that was extremely tardy in verifying and approving re-bar shop-drawings. So tardy in fact that during the lead up to the pour of the first-floor slab, shear walls, columns and grade beams, we were required to make almost a dozen amendments to the shop-drawings. Our re-bar inspector required that these drawings be approved prior to the pour and we would have been forced to stop, if it were not for Kamil. He modified the shop-drawing on the fly, within minutes of them being sent. After almost an entire day of back and forth with our engineer, we managed to gain our approvals and save thousands by forming the first floor on schedule. This is a testament to Mr. Cabuk's promptness and skill under pressure and we highly recommend him. He has been invaluable in finishing the superstructure on schedule. Sincerely

A Sanita Concrete

“ I love Using Haqq Construction for all my estimates, I know I can have confidence in how much I am pending for each project.”

Shay Lambright

I have used Kamil at Haqq and have always been very happy with the results. Kamil goes out of his way to ensure that you get exactly what you need and when you need it. I would recommend Kamil to anyone needed estimating services.

AAS Construction Management

“in all years of using Haqq Construction, I have never been disappointed.”

Aliza Miller

I was introduced to HAQQ through my contractor for superstructure. It was a necessity! as playing telephone was not working. As soon as the direct line of communication was established, efficiency in the submittal process improved ten-fold. The team at HAQQ visibly worked hard to meet our schedule and pick up changes by the design team without complaints.

Charles Starace

Their detailing is Fast and Complete Kamil is Caring and Smart . We Feel Good with our Projects in Their Hands.

Jenco Ready Mix – Tony Nicoletti

I have had the pleasure of providing ready mix concrete, to Kamil. Kamil brings fresh ideas, professionalism, and, courtesy, to the construction industry. Kamil’s friendly, but, no-nonsense approach, makes him an excellent project manager.

Just In Time Rebar

Haqq Rebar, Kamil, has excellent service. They provide thorough and clear full Detailings and are always on a timely manner. Always have content clients when Haqq rebar details our projects.