3D BIM Rebar Shop Drawings
Rebar Fabrication


(only available in New York)
Let us deal with all the paperwork, code requirements, RFI’s, Change Orders, Supervisors, inspectors and safety managers, meetings … etc.


  • We do our own take-off and compare with yours,
  • We help you understand the contract, what to include and what to exclude,
  • We study your contract to save unnecessary


  • We search shop and decide which materials best for the project and  submit all required paperwork,
  • We value engineer the project to save on labor and material and submit new designs to the engineer of record for approval,
  • We submit rebar shop drawings, and follow the approval process,

  • We make sure you built it at once with proper information,
  • We study structural and Architectural drawings for discrepancies,
  • Send RFI’s for all missing dimensions, for walls, columns, rough opening sizes, and anything else missing,
  • Help layout building with the surveyor, using cad files,
  • We produce rebar list for each pouring area.
  • We help labor force to understand rebar work, we explain until they learn,
  • We help the labor force to understand concrete structure with the help of 3D drawings,
  • We coordinate with all other trades and make sure no embedments  or sleeves are missing,
  • Make sure concrete formwork built with ACI requirements, and safe,
  • We help you to apply Osha requirements,
  • We make all the toolbox talks and Safety meetings,
  • We are Concrete safety managers, we help you on major projects.
  • We Meet with inspectors and explain why and how,
  • And We make sure concrete is ready to pour,
  • We help you to calculate how much concrete to order,
  • We can attend  all the meetings for you,

We make proper change order document for each extra bit of concrete or Rebar with signed backups, We protect you against out of contract requests. You just do the work written in the contract. Anything else would be extra.

Concrete safety management service is already included in this service. 
Please send us an email if you have any questions kcabuk@haqqrebar.com