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Haqq Construction’s professional engineers have 15 years of experience in the engineering and construction arena. Our employees and partners are Ph.D.’s, professional engineers, specialists and trained technicians that you can rely on. As a team, we provide effective communication, technical expertise and apply foresight throughout the design and construction phases to help your projects succeed.
Haqq Construction’s professional engineers, P.C. is an authorized and registered professional engineer, legally permitted to conduct engineering, land surveying and special inspections in the state of NY.  

Some of Our Services :

        PE Stamped Drawings:

  • Structural Concrete design,
  • Concrete Deck Shoring Drawings, Doka, Peri,
  • One Face and Two-face Form Work Drawings, Doka, Ulma, Symons, Plywood,…etc
  • Support of excavation design,
  • Structural steel Design,
        Safety and construction logistics designs

  • Site Safety Plans,
  • Work Place Safety Plans,
  • Tenant Protection Plans,
  • Structural Stability Plans,
  • Demolition Plans,

Beyond our training and experience as designers, we have a significant history in the construction management industry as project managers, supervisors and installers from foundations to finishes.  This awareness and respect for coordination and communication are integrated into all our designs.
Please send us an email if you have any questions kcabuk@haqqrebar.com